Meridian Norstar Modular 824

Northern Telecom Meridian Norstar Modular 824, also introduced in the late 1980’s and the larger version of the early Norstar telephone systems. Meridian Norstar 824 begin with a capacity of 8-telephone lines and twenty-four extension ports. And the capacity to expand to one 120 Norstar telephones. The original DR-2 software supported a capacity of 32 telephone lines, however before the Meridian Norstar 824 the end of its production with DR-5 software the telephone line capacity had reached 80. All telephone and telephone lines could not connected at the same time however as the maximum port capacity was 128. At the time of it’s introduction the Meridian Norstar 824 was hailed as new technology in hybrid business phone systems. In 1988 the world had not advanced as to the point of the internet, Voice Mail wasn’t heard of on small business telephone system, T-1 wasn’t available, not even caller ID wasn’t around. Having a phone with a speaker was breaking technology. The typewriter was still being manufactured. And telephone systems manufacturers had discovered digital technology for business telephone systems. With the use of LSI circuits Meridian Norstar was the first fully digital telephone system and with that came features not seen before. With features such as Call forwarding between telephone system extensions, Caller ID within the system  Meridian  Norstar Modular stood apart from the majority of telephone systems of it’s era. Meridian Norstar went further than other telephone systems of it’s size in blurring the distinction between  the key telephone systems and a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Able to work as both Meridian Norstar was a true Hybrid business telephone system, and far ahead of the available competition at that time.